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Information on our range of stainless steel Zack bathroom accessories available to buy online

Seagull stock a range of stylish stainless steel Zack bathroom accessories which are available to buy online.

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Our stainless-steel Zack bathroom accessories are the perfect complement to modern décor.

We carry toilet roll holders and towel hooks in a range of styles to suit your bathroom.

Based in Germany, Zack has been manufacturing precision engineered stainless-steel home accessories for over 30 years, during which time they have become known as one of the world’s leading brands of lifestyle accessories.

The ethos behind their designs is the embodiment of minimalism, reducing the number of essential shapes to find the perfect balance between form and function.
They have a catalogue of over 400 products, and we’ve hand selected the very best bathroom accessories for our online store.

Towel Hooks, Rings, and Rails

We stock a plethora of precision engineered Zack towel hooks to cover a myriad of bathroom styles. The Fresco towel hook has a clean minimalist design which lends itself to modern, reductive environments. Like our previous entry, the  Marino towel hook has a similar design but employs a smaller, downwards facing hook so as not to obscure the stainless steel design of the product. Our third product is the Atore towel hook, which is our second most striking and robust hook. While some of our customers like to use multiple hooks for their bathrooms, others prefer the all-in-one solution of the Accolo towel hook, which combines a modern stainless steel design with the practicality of four hooks. The title of most striking must go to the Zack Atore double towel hook, the robust, two hook design of which allows it to straddle the line between practicality and statement.

If you're looking for something different, have a look at our Atore ring and rail.

Toilet Roll Holders

Our range of Zack toilet roll holders caters to a host of design and capacity requirements. From the Atore range, we stock the single spare, and flapped toilet roll holders. Also, one of our personal favourites, the  Fresco toilet roll holder uses the combination of straight edges and cylindrical shapes in its sleek and minimalist design.

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Seagull & Zack

Seagull are the Midlands premier supplier of precision engineered stainless steel products, making our selection of Zack accessories a perfect addition to our catalogue.
A collection of Zack toilet roll holders and towel hooks are in stock now and ready to buy from our website. 

If you need advice on fitting or have any questions about our range of Zack accessories then please get in touch using our contact page.