LED Lighting For Balustrade Handrail


A range of high-output LED lights for metal handrail and balustrade systems.

If you are looking to specify an illuminated handrail system, the Seagull Balustrades' LED handrail range has the solution for you.Our LED lighting products are precision engineered to provide light exactly where it is needed in metal handrails and balustrade systems for commercial and domestic installations.

Flexible light options

You can choose from a number of fitting options;

  • INSERT – an economic, screw-in LED
  • RAILled – an asymmetric projector LED, sited on the underside of the handrail that projects light across a walkway or stairs.
  • RAILled 2D – the ultimate LED handrail performer engineered to project light along, as well as across the surface.

The high-output LED handrail lights are individually secured into the handrail tube or post and manufactured in 316 stainless steel to provide excellent corrosion resistance. We can offer in alternative metals (to order) to suit your handrail or balustrade material, please ask for details.

Choice of mounting positions

As the handrail LED’s are individual lighting units, they can be positioned at your specified position to project light where you need it.

  • The Asymmetric LED’s are designed to throw light across the target surface, providing even illumination across walkways, stairs etc., increasing safety in such areas and reducing light pollution.
  • The Insert handrail LED downlighter is a compact, cost-effective and easy way to install handrail lighting, for new and retrofit installations. The LED Insert is simply screwed into a threaded hole in the handrail, tube or balustrade post. They have an anti-tamper design resulting in an impressive resistance to vandal attack.

Seagull Balustrade LED Handrail Light Inserts are positioned at centre distances that can be varied depending on the lighting level required, are waterproof to an ingress rating of IP67, and, with a low power consumption of only 1 watt per unit, an average life of 100,000 hours they are therefore suitable for both indoor and outdoor handrail lighting installations.